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   01-Nov-2019 | We are open!

Art-workshop BOKAS is launched!

During 2019 November the first three orders are offered at 25% discount.

Soft panels with exotic skin imitation: 260 GEL instead of 350 GEL per square meter.

Soft panels with fabric and artificial leather:

  • Big panels (from 40X40sm and bigger) at 115 GEL/sq,m. instead of 150 GEL,
  • Medium panels (between 25X25 sm and 40X40 sm.) at 180 GEL/sq,m, instead of 250 GEL,
  • Small panels (between 20X20 sm. and 25X25 sm,) at 260 GEL/sq.m. instead of 350 GEL

The sizes are provided as samples and will be finalized based on the project.