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Soft panel covers

Soft panel covers

Soft panels with leather

Artificial leather and alcantara (artificial suede) is universal. It’s main advantages are:

  • Variety of colors and textures
  • Durability up to 20 years
  • Easy care: moist rag or a mixture of water and spirit in case of heavy contamination

Soft panels with fabric

For soft panels we use hard fabric, such as velvet, velour, flock, jacquarette, It is also possible to use textile with the print. Such panels look great in the bedroom, child room and leaving room. Care is similar to the soft furniture, such as sofas and arm-chairs.

Soft panels with exo-leather

We offer exclusive cover material – exo-lether, which can be used to cover soft panels or used as wallpaper. Exotic leather is all hand-made. At the moment, we produce exo-leather in the following sizes:


Wallpaper – maximum size

Soft panel – maximum size

Crocodile skin

30 Х 30 sm.

25 Х 25 sm.

30 Х 60 sm.

25 Х 55 sm.

Sea stingray skin

35 Х 45 sm.

30 Х 40 sm.