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Exotic leather

Exotic leather

Our art-workshop offers an exclusive product exo-leather – exotic animals’ skin imitation. The process is all hand-made. We use this product to produce: 1) soft panels for walls and ceilings; 2) wall paper, 3) gypsum tiles for décor and 4) other decorative elements. Exo-leather is produced with the construction and painting materials, which are widely used in home renovations and interiors.

The advantages of this unique product include:

  • possibility to create luxurious and exclusive interior;
  • low price compared to natural leather;
  • any possible color at the client’s request;
  • durable material to any deformation for at least 10 years,  
  • easy care.  

At the moment we produce exotic leather in the following relief and sizes:

  • Crocodile: 25Х25 sm, 25Х55 sm.
  • Sea stingray: 30Х45 sm.
  • Snake: 50X50 sm/