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Soft panel sizes and shapes

Soft panel sizes and shapes

Soft panel sizes

We produce panels in different sizes from the smallest – 20X20 sm. – to the biggest – 140X2800 sm.

The width of the panel with fabric or artificial leather is limited by the width of the material itself, which is approximately 140 sm.

The length of the panel is limited by the length of the MDF panel, or approximately 2,8 m.

In case of panels covered with exotic skin imitation, the size is limited by the matrix dimentions, which is hand-made. Currently we produce exotic skin in the following sizes:

  • Crocodile: 25Х25 sm, 25Х55 sm.
  • Sea stingray: 28Х40 sm.

Soft panel shapes

We produce soft panels in a variety of shapes. These are squire, rectangle and diamond. For a specific order we can also produce a panel or mosaic in a shape of a ship, car or an airship for a child’s room.